How To Safe Your Facebook Profile From hackers
By Umer Rock On 15 Feb, 2012 At 02:00 PM | Categorized As tips, tips and tricks | With 0 Comments
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Hackers are hacking facebook profiles, pages and groups, This is very miscellaneous thing when you get hack,Last month sony official page was hacked and alot of pages and facebook groups are getting hack daily,
So now our topic is to prevent your facebook account from getting hack,
   Hackers can’t hack your profile directly but they find security holes and the mistake of victim, first of all we have to follow some steps to safe your profile.
  1. Add your phone number for recovering password easily
  2. Add security questions
  3. Don’t login in any other website like facebook
  4. Hide your email id
  5. Don’t open any link
by following these steps you will never hack
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